A downloadable game for Windows

Be A Tornado and rampage the city! Find secrets and suck up challenges all in 60 seconds! Beat your friend's high score and complete every level!

Be the best disaster you can be by destroying everything in your path! Suck up secrets or grab those challenges and complete them all! Go out of your way to suck up a run away car or go out into the ocean to find strange things!


*Be a tornado!

*Catch on fire and destroy buildings!

*Suck up people

*destroy buildings

*Complete challenges

*find secrets

Contact Info

Email: DisasterMayhemGame@gmail.com

Twitter: @disaster_mayhem

Install instructions

Once you Buy the game go ahead and unzip the zip file, once you have done that just open up the .exe and start playing!


Disaster Mayhem Full Version 27 MB
Disaster Mayhem Demo 25 MB